What we do

Tract and Touch develops artworks, environments, interventions, and relationships that celebrate the unique qualities of each human voice and that explore the voice’s resonant power to reach out and transform the world.

Through our ARTWORKS, you enter into a sensual vortex where voice, touch, vision and vibration collide and celebrate the unusual.
Through our VOICE PRACTICE, you enjoy the delightfully unpredictable qualities of your voice: your unique vocal self resonates forth.
Through our INTERVENTION WORK, you use the power of the voice to (re)build your delight in your body and in other people.
Through our POP-UPS, EVENTS, AND ENVIRONMENTS, unusual flavours, colours, textures, and spaces stimulate unusual conversations for delightfully unusual people.
We regularly collaborate with scientists and treat science as a creative practice.
Experimentation is at the core of our work – we want to engage publics in new ways. Both academic and artistic aspects of research practice inform our work.