What we are

We develop artworks. We create experiences. We develop innovative ways of teaching and learning. See our portfolio.
We always start from voice – or what we might call ‘vocality’. This vocality reaches its tendrils into everything we do. Whether we’re designing an installation; developing interventions and workshops; or even working visually, we’re always thinking about how the artworks or experiences voice: literally, metaphorically and poetically. And we’re interested in how this vocality ‘touches’ us.
We are also interested in how voice and touch inspire, enhance or transform vision, spaces, landscapes, architectures, and people.
Tract and Touch brings together small to large teams on a project-by-project basis. Artist-led, these can include artists, scientists, designers, craftspeople, engineers, managers, and administrators. Together, they develop our work and engage people in it. These teams research, create and intervene.
We’re interested in the unusual and overlooked aspects of the voice, and in unusual and overlooked aspects of the way it sounds, touches, engages and transforms the unusual and overlooked aspects of bodies, people, and culture. We enthuse about the extraordinary aesthetic and cultural potential inherent in it.
The people who encounter our work might be very large numbers of passersby in public spaces, or very small numbers of under-served audiences who engage with our work at great depth, and all variations in between. Our work is often family friendly. We blur the boundary between art-making and educational/intervention practices.
Tract and Touch was founded in 2016 to build on the foundations laid by Yvon Bonenfant’s art-making and research.
We achieved registered charity status in 2017 with the Charities Commission for England and Wales.
Our board members are currently Prof Inga Bryden (Chair), Robin Dingemans, Val Drayton, Sharon Lloyd, and Matt Salvage. We are based in Southampton but work all over. Our artistic director is Yvon Bonenfant.