These artworks capture your voice and turn it into touch, or capture your touch and turn it into voice. They are meant to draw in passersby to engage with them in public spaces.
Our team of artists, designers, coders, scientists, engineers, and our fabricator worked together to dream up these ideas. They conjoin audience voicing, quirky/glossy aesthetics/surface treatments, and new technologies such as inflatable tentacle robots and smart, kinetic textiles to ground you in the visceral tactility of your voice.
We are working to raise funds and finance the further development of these concepts into full-fledged pieces. Many of them may yet transform dramatically, so that they can fill up rooms or work in outdoor spaces.
We developed these concepts with support from Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts; from the Universities of Winchester, Southampton, and Queen Mary University of London; and with a number of programming and curatorial partners.

We are now working to refine and develop these concepts with Cheltenham Festivals; Sage Gateshead; Turner-Sims; and others.

You can view an explanatory slide show of the concepts here. All concepts copyright Yvon Bonenfant, to be developed further by Tract and Touch.


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