Resonant Tails

Resonant Tails is a work for children and young adults with profound and multiple learning disability. We are developing and refining this work with our partners Rosewood Free School, Southampton. The artwork will premiere on 7 November 2017.

Children with PMLD make their own, sophisticated, voice, vibration and light art.
Children at Rosewood are exceptional vocal improvisers. Their voices tell ‘stories’. We worked with them and explored the beautiful narratives they make from their vocal sound. We wanted to create a mobile environment that they could explore, enjoy and create with, regularly.
We premiere the work with the children 7 November 2018.
Rosewood Free School believes children with PMLD are creative and dynamic and deserve wonderful artistic experiences of which they are the co-authors. Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts programme and the University of Winchester support this elan.
Digital: Kingsley Ash. Visual/3-D Julien Masson. Maker: Damian Head.

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